Disposal Bin Rental 

$200 Service Fee + Tonnage (1 Tonne Minimum)

Our custom disposal bins are products designed to maximize your bin rental experience. Our 14 yard bins are not only constructed with the highest quality, and are set at a footprint that is best for any project and and place. These versatile features serve as the perfect bin to provide the maximum volume with a minimum footprint.  With top-of-the-line, cutting-edge equipment and a highly qualified team, we do our best to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for and we guarantee complete satisfaction. 

Commercial Disposal Bin Rental 

For special commercial/contractor pricing please contact. 

RB400 Equipter Rental 

Equipter RB4000 - All the user-favorite functions combine to create a versatile piece of equipment that serves as transportation for tools and supplies across the job site and a portable dumpster that’s easy to navigate in tight spaces.

The RB400 is;

  • Drivable

  • Towable

  • Extendable to 4 feet

  • Lifts up to 12 feet

  • Features a hydraulic tailgate